Print Label

Labeling stands for the most important part of any product’s brand name. Without them, ...

Textile Label – Brand Solution

Woven labels are made up of polyester threads that are woven together on a loom ...

Hang Tag

Hang tag labels are essential to getting your brand noticed and creating a loyal ...

Thermal Transfer Labels

HEAT TRANSFER LABEL Also known as thermal transfers, heat transfers are a method in which ...

Decal – Sticker labels

We generally use the term “Sticker label” to describe adhesive products printed on papers or foils ...

Logo Hang Tag

Use strings on standard flat or die cut tags or folded marketing pieces for ...

Leather Label

One if the simplest, and most effective ways to convey to shoppers the quality ...

Premium Paper Box

A Premium paper box is one of the final steps to finishing the product. ...

Premium Ribbons

Gift wrapping ribbons are familiar accessories used to decorate/fix products to make them more ...

Paper bags

High-grade paper bags have now almost completely replaced plastic bags because of their durability, ...

TPU Printed label

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) Clothing Label is a printed label that is printed on a ...


Anh Hoang Kim Premium Label has been holding Garment and Textile as well as we are one of well - known suppliers in the label accessories industry throughtout the decade. Our products have been imported and exported to all over the world, especially the US and Eastern Europe.


With our dedicated staff team, we promise to bring you the best of our service and quality products. We commit that, your satisfication is our greatest achievement.




Looking at all of the customers here is knowing how powerful this company is. Extremely high quality and special materials that have never been seen anywhere. In general, look at the pile of samples here want to dazzle. Just as the owner said: go to the place to touch and grasp exactly what you want and feel the money you spend.

Thanh Van


We see creativity in the process of working with your company, it brings the right benefits and beautiful results for this perfect partnership. I would like to thank you sincerely!

Bao Thy

I looking for a place to produce clothes, but the stalls in the market cannot meet the demand. And accidentally search Google to the company, come to see the company has made and have many diverse clothing samples for reference, many different quality and materials depending on needs and preferences. The owner takes good care of customers. Really satisfied and trusted.

Hang Morgan Truong


The staff here are very enthusiastic and sweet. I also really like the way of taking care and working here. Espcecially the meticulousness from the website to the fanpage, its look very nice.

Quyen Nguyen

Hotline: 0906 811 080