Leather Label

Leather Label

One if the simplest, and most effective ways to convey to shoppers the quality of you brand is by using leather labels and patches. A smart alternative to traditional woven labels, they give your line an air of authority and craftsmanship while allowing your creativity to shine through. Leather is synonymous with superiority, making your line synonymous with excellence and putting it above the competition.

Here at AHK Premium Label, we can create custom, one-of-a-kind leather labels and patches that speak to consumers. From embossed to silk screen, there is no end to the kinds of leather labels we can provide you with, helping to take your line to the next level.

Using precision and skill, we can make leather labels in any size, shape, or color, bringing your visions and ideas to life. Just like the labels we produce, our work is synonymous quality and integrity, and is a step above the competition.

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Durable, yet polished, they give longevity to your items and can withstand multiple washings and handlings. They are meant to be visible and work best on the outer portions of jeans, hats, shoes, shirts and jackets, so they jump out and grab the shoppers’ attention.

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To choose the label material, the first and most important factor is the design file, all questions please inbox directly to the page for online consultation 24/24.


Fast turn-around time

Place your order & get your labels for clothing in 10-14 days. Yeah, we’re that quick.

Big or small, we make them all

Have a truly original design challenge? Just need a few labels, or maybe thousands? Whatever your order, we’ve got you covered.

High quality from start to finish

From design to support to delivery, we aim to exceed every expectation.

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