Black & White Collection – First Priority from desinger

Black & White Collection – First Priority from desinger

Both one of the legendary colors of fashion, black and white are always the two main colors in fashion designs around the world.
Despite having colorless colors, white and black fully converge all the beauty to bring a sophisticated and extremely eye-catching look.

Black & White – The Perfect Balance 
With black being a tone that absorbs all frequencies of light that the naked eye cannot see combined with white – a neutral color that easily blends with other colors, especially black, creates color contrast. Strong color , elegant, simple but not trivial color, a classic fashion color.

Black and White – The first choise

One of the reasons these two colors always appear in many labels is not only because of the easy-to-mix neutral property, which can be sewn on many different types of products while still retaining the harmony and elegance of the design. next .

In addition, this black-and-white design also has high economic value when black is always considered to be a clean color, keeping products always new.

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