Hang Tag

Hang Tag

Labeling is an indispensable part of the clothing production in the garment. A label is not just a cloth printed with the logo or the name, information about the product. it is also the face that affirms the origin, monopoly, prestige and an imprint of the brand. Labels are classified specifically according to each form such as: printed label, woven label, hangtag, decal, …

What is Hang tag ?

Hang tag , also known as clothing tags, paper tags, … is a type of paperboard attached to the product by using cord such as ribbons, plastic ropes … Print name and product information is made thick or thin depending on the customer.

With the paper materials that come with printing quality: AHK owns the equipment and machinery used to serve the needs of customers: printing presses, embossing, luminous needles … ..

Hang tags are printed on a variety of materials:

Couche paper is a common printing paper, most commonly used to offset printing, business cards, … The product has a flat and smooth surface. The paper has good brightness,absorption ink evenly and good ink grip. Therefore, couche paper specializes in printing with many colors, because of its sharpness, high contrast, it can be glossy or rough.

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Art paper is a high-class paper used in printing technology. It has a variety of types, colors, patterns, veins … art paper brings creative personality to any product. Art paper has a rough and thick surface, printed on 3 main colors such as white, black and cream .

Fort paper is the most popular paper . when you print normally or go to a photocopy shop, you will find that this is the type of paper you often use.

Kraft paper, also known as cement paper made from chemical pulp of soft wood and processed through the kraf process. Therefore, kraft paper is also known as recycled paper, friendly with the environment.

Decal paper: Super durable plastic decal, no tearing and brings beautiful prints. Very high adhesion and impressive color. The impact resistance of the decal with the bad factors of the environment is impressive.

Transparent plastic cards are usually made of high quality PVC plastic or transparent plastic. The highlight of this card is a transparent, you can see-through creating a unique look for your card. With the advantage of high durability, no peeling,no fading and withstand the effects of the environment.

To choose the label material, the first and most important factor is the design file, all questions please inbox directly to the page for online consultation 24/24.


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