Operating in the garment industry , Anh Hoang Kim Trading Production Company Limited has created a prestigious brand in the international garment for many years .
With a team of staff that are both mindful and capable . We are committed to always accompany our customers to share experiences, develop brands with the agreeably cost and highest quality.

With many years of experience in the profession with a team of professional staff,
we are committed

Providing quality products: Anh Hoang Kim Trading - Manufacturing Co., Ltd. commits that products always meet quality standards when delivered to customers.

Experienced staff: With a team of knowledgeable and capable staff will provide customers with the best customer care services.

Top prestige: Having done, the product must be of quality and effective in any quantity

Reasonable prices: Our products bring high quality, luxurious designs with reasonable price

Fashion, not simply receiving the goods to process and then handing them to the owner, fashion requires creativity, fashion requires class - class is not just for the creator. it.


With the motto "Assert the brand with the customer", we always constantly promote more creative ideas to improve product quality, bring high durability, sharp and soft shape.

With goods that need strong wash like jeans, the durability of labels is indispensable. Our Anh Hoang Kim motto is to bring brand value permanently to customers, our printed labels ensure color fastness, accept the challenge of strong wash as wash force for jeans. Please rest assured and come to us.

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