Paper bags

Paper bags

High-grade paper bags have now almost completely replaced plastic bags because of their durability, beautiful 
colors and especially are very friendly to the environment. 

With many different paper materials, paper bags are increasingly popular and widely used in today's market.

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Bag material?

Made from paper, the material is quite diverse, but some basic types of frequently used paper will include:

Kraft Paper Bags

True to the name, the color of the bag remains the original brown color of kraft paper, and the content printed on the bag will be each individual logo of the brand. Print color and size will not be color limited.

Ivory paper bag

A material in stark contrast to its smooth, glossy surface, the colors printed on Ivory paper will not be limited. The outside of the bag will be covered with a film to protect the bag against dirt or water.

Ford Paper Bags

The most popular material today because of its environmental friendliness. The surface of the bag has the original roughness and grain of paper and is made with a thin weight for a lighter and more compact feel.

Although they are divided into many materials, they all have one thing in common, that is, they are not limited in size. Depending on the purpose of use, from small bags for gifts, and jewelry boxes, .. to large bags for clothes, thick shoes, … we can fully meet the needs of customers.

In addition, the printing techniques on the bags are also very diverse such as needle press, embossing, etc. to create a highlight for your bag to be more unique and impressive.

To choose the label material, the first and most important factor is the design file, all questions please inbox directly to the page for online consultation 24/24.

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