Print Label

Print Label

Labeling stands for the most important part of any product’s brand name. Without them, we are not able to produce and advertise our brand name to customers. To define our loyaly customers, labels are sewed into your products, that may varies from clothing, shoes, bedding, kitchenware, and anything that requires labeling.

Our products included : printed labels, woven labels, hangtag, patch, leather labels, cotton labels, sticker decal.. and some kinds of unique materials.

What is printed labels (flexographic and silked printing)?

Flexographic printing is a popular method for printing large orders of custom labels at rapid speeds by transferring ink onto the paper or film material using flexible printing plates mounted on fast-rotating cylinders.

Based on many materials such as Poliester satin, Cotton Tape, Nylon Tape, Tyvek, we are able to mass produce following the layout/artwork that are provided by the customers. As soon as we know about your requirements, we will definitely assist you in making our best services.

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COTTON LABEL (Print on cotton tape)

With cotton tape material, we provide labels to toddler, infant clothing and softness required materials.

One of featured materials are Polyester and Nylon tape.

These are applied for instruction labels producing, sized labels, or care labels.To have a satisfying service, please send us your requirements as well as your final artworks or designs.



To choose the label material, the first and most important factor is the design file, all questions please inbox directly to the page for online consultation 24/24.

Fast turn-around time

Place your order & get your labels for clothing in 10-14 days. Yeah, we’re that quick.

Big or small, we make them all

Have a truly original design challenge? Just need a few labels, or maybe thousands? Whatever your order, we’ve got you covered.

High quality from start to finish

From design to support to delivery, we aim to exceed every expectation.

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