Textile Label – Brand Solution

Textile Label – Brand Solution

Woven labels are made up of polyester threads that are woven together on a loom to present your desired designs and messaging. Woven labels are commonly made up of three main materials, these are: Polyester. Cotton, and Taffatta. As well as they are considered as a standard for labeling in gartment and textile industry.

  What’s the Woven Label?

Woven clothing labels are the highest quality, industry-standard labels used by everyone from high-end designers to small makers alike. The label is made on a jacquard loom, which weaves threads of different colors together to match the intended design of the label, producing a label that will last the lifetime of any garment.

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Brand names, logos, and patterns all look highly luxurious when woven into a label together. The finished label has a soft yet robust hand-feel and a slight luster, so they always stay smooth and flat within the garment.

You can also have folds or iron-on adhesives added to custom woven labels, making them suitable for any application.


Woven Patches: Make Your Brand Stand Out

A great, and inexpensive way, to add a touch of flair and finesse to your clothing is with an woven patchs. Versatile in terms of size, shape and color, and uses, they can really help your pieces to stand out and give them a signature look.

Much like a varsity letter on a jacket or a family crest on the breast of a shirt, they command attention and make customers notice them, and your collection. They are also quite practical, as you can use them for logos, team numbers and more, so they can fit in any collection.

Quality equals trust and trust equals loyal customers that will invest in your garments. They also help shoppers figure out important information, such as pricing and materials. Shoppers want to know if a garment has materials they are allergic to or if it requires special care.

Clear, concise labels give them the information quickly; often times, a hard to read or incomplete label will frustrate shoppers and they will look elsewhere. Finally, labels tell customers you take pride in your work and want only the best for your customers, making them more likely to spend more.

The techniques used to apply labels are just as important as the materials: crooked, peeling or loose labels signal poor craftsmanship. Not just of the label itself, but the garment it’s attached to. That’s why we pride ourselves in the variety and caliber of our techniques. Here is what we can do for you:

  1. Ultrasonic Edge Labels: A great technique for creating super-soft edges on your label, eliminating scratchy, rough material that can abrade or rub against the skin. With this technique ultrasonic sensors use vibrations to cut the label, splicing, feathering and blending for precision smoothness. Ultrasonic label edges offer a great advantage over other techniques, as the sensors work on a large range of fabrics


     2.Marrow Edged/ Laser Cut Labels: Laser cut labels give brands precision and customization in terms of shape and overall design.                Laser cuts help blend labels with the fabric of the garment and is the choice of most high-end designers.


  1. Woven Edged Labels: A woven edge to your label gives it a smooth, precise finish discerning shoppers appreciate. They signal class and an attention to details. Keeps the label flush and neat looking.


To choose the label material, the first and most important factor is the design file, all questions please inbox directly to the page for online consultation 24/24.


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