Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal Transfer Labels

Labeling is an indispensable part of the clothing production in the garment. A label is not just a cloth printed with the logo or the name, information about the product. it is also the face that affirms the origin, monopoly, prestige and an imprint of the brand. Labels are classified specifically according to each form such as: printed label, woven label, hangtag, thermal transfer label

Thermal transfer label is one of the great materials in the garment industry, printing . Because it is convenient to print directly onto products with just one ordinary iron.

Thermal transfer label prints many colors, does not cause skin toxicity . After being ironed and used, the color fastness and adhesion ability are guaranteed not to disappoint customers.

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With features of non-sensitizing, non-itchy, non-allergic skin for babies and ironed directly on the collar, or any position according to the customer’s design . We completely solve the problem. deals are wasteful and bring eternal value to the brand

To choose the label material, the first and most important factor is the design file, all questions please inbox directly to the page for online consultation 24/24.

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