3 ways to retain customers

3 ways to retain customers

Finding customers if not difficult in the 4.0 era when the social media , advertising ,…are increasingly widespread . But how to retain customers and make customers come back ?

VIP Card – Smart solution to retain customers

What make customers want to return to the store depends not only on whether the product is good . beautiful or not , but also breaks down into many other factors . Evaluation of service , customer care , promotions,… and one of them is the tool to attract customers through VIP cards.

VIP card is understood as one of the marketing campaignss to encourage customers to buy productss to enjoy centain benefits . Depending on the store structure , there will be mnay different types of VIP cards or divided by ranks ( cooper , silver , gold,…) dêpnding on the size of the business .

VIP card benefits both customers and businesses as well as has economic value . Because the number of issuing VIP cards will save more and still attract consumers .

Earning cards – Tools to increase sales

The process of loyalty cards

A card genre similar to VIP card , with a slightly different variation is the point card . Together with the meaning of stimulating consumer demand , point cards are made more different . Every time a customer uses it , they will be marked accumulated up to certain limit.

Redeem for accumulative points will receive gifts or apply incentives ,..depending on each store . The benefits of loyalty cards and VIP cards bring :

-Income is added with customer infotmation , which is convenient in monitoring and taking care of customers .

– At the same time , attracting new customers with attractive card programs.

-Stimulating consumer demand , increasing revenue

Thank You Card – A gratitude that bears you .

One of the cards that have just appeared recently but are popular in stores is the thank you note tag .

There are many ways to express gratitude to customners . However , the only way to leave a strong impression and form a value chain later is the thank you tag .

Thank you tag is attached to each order . On which the content is mainly thankyou label sent to the user . Depending on the creativity of each person , on the tag there is also a beautiful image , gratitude , the brand’s slogan,… All these image investments have the same purpose to impress people

Even though it’s just a saying of appreciation , what makes the tag so appealing and essential ?

Capturing the mentality of always towards beauty , the thank you tag designs are always very eye – catching and unique , creating a strong impression of the keys to highlighting a brand’s tag . Based on the characteristics of the product , the way of packaging , the creativity that the paper tag has many different styles and methods

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