Cotton label – Collection for vintage/ classic style

Cotton label – Collection for vintage/ classic style

In the past few years,  vintage style also known as the classical style, is a popular trend,  creating strong effects everywhere. At clothe shops, coffee or restaurants, .. all bring classical style into the layout, products, … and get a lot of attraction from customers.

So in the fashion field to apply to the design, how to do?

One of the materials associated with the Vintage style is Cotton. Why does cotton have such a clear orientation toward antiquity? Outline of material, cotton fabric with the advantage of soft and smooth is made from the main material, cotton. Cotton products will be very smooth, absorb sweat well, bring a pleasant feeling

Learn about designs on cotton

Cotton printed label has 2 basic colors: white and cream . however cream color always dominates because of its variety of colors. But the white fabric still have a classic style. All colors and designs depend on the choice of each person to bring an impressive and unique label pattern.

With materials as born for the vintage style, designs on cotton fabric will be easily coordinated. However, it is still unavoidable to be “lost” when their owners choose inappropriate fonts that were not intended for this style.

What you are often confused about is that the classical styles are not necessarily handwritten designs. Handwriting styles go well with this style, but you can replace them with other fonts. Basic printing fonts, bold strokes or thin strokes all still produce an authentic Vintage work.

With a cotton base that is mainly white and cream, the blending of colors on the fabric will be less restricted. You are free to use any color you want. In addition, the colors on the cotton background are very bold and clear. This classic style is not only for vintage style but you can completely use in products such as children’s clothes, women’s clothes, rustic trendy products,….

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